8 Years Young!


We turn 8 this week! Can you believe it?! We hardly can! It’s been 8 years since Junktion was opened for the first time, back in our old corner shop in Sturt. We loved our first little home, but we totally adore our current #littlecornerofadelaide here in Happy Valley.

Lots has taken place over these 8 years and we’ve seen wonderful volunteers come and go with the ebbs and flows of life. They have helped to make Junktion tick along and become more of what it is today – an opshop and coffee/cake place in the walls of a beautiful old church, full of life and offering a safe place for community to connect.


We were able to get our original space up and running thanks to a community grant, and we are so grateful for it! It made the world of difference as we were able to outfit the corner shop, purchase new and used items for the store; fix up the old ice cream fridge ready for sweet treats and generally make it a welcoming space.


So many things were hosted in those four walls – fundraisers, youth group gatherings, leadership meetings, high teas and more! We loved being situated in the heart of Sturt, offering a place for locals to come and catch up over coffee and cake.

When we moved to Happy Valley, a lot of the ground work we’d done in our old home enabled us to think a little bigger in our new home. We created yet another unique and inviting space – painting the concrete floor, installing shelving and display areas and utilising some of the quaint outdoor spaces on offer.

We still have your favourite coffee and cakes, and we still have quality preloved and thrifted goodies for you to browse and snatch up. Importantly, all our proceeds continue to go to ATS (Access The Story) that you can check out by clicking the link.

We’ve hosted a Thanksgiving Fair the last couple of years and if Covid hadn’t hit the way it did, we had even more events planned as a way to connect with even more people.

So, despite what 2020 has thrown us, we’re looking forward to what’s next and want to say ‘thank you’ for supporting us! Let’s finish with a word from our fearless manager, Pixi–>

We never dreamed we would still be operating 8yrs on, when we opened we thought “it would be great if this lasts a few years!” The community have been wonderful and supportive and the biggest thrill of all is connecting and sharing life with our lovely customers/friends!


Pop in and wish us a ‘happy birthday’ and snag yourself some winter clothing at 50% off to celebrate!

Wed, Thur, Fri – 930am til 4pm || Sat 930am til 1230pm
72 Candy Rd, Happy Valley, SA

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