Conversation Series – Tammy (& Nixi!)

We are BACK with our conversation series! We’ve been introducing you to some of the faces that make up our volunteer pool here at Junktion, and this month, it’s time to meet Tammy (and her cute little sidekick Nixi!)

Name: Tammy Hirschmann

Role: Thursday’s Volunteer

Years @ Junktion: 6?

Tell us a little bit about what a typical week might look like within the four walls of Junktion for you:
Thursday is my favourite day of the week. It involves traveling to Junktion with my youngest daughter Nixie , to hang out and try to help too . We sort and tidy donations. Some serving food and drinks but mostly it’s hanging with awesome friends.

What’s something you’ve really enjoyed experiencing in your time working @ Junktion:
The feeling of being part of the junktion family and helping the community.

Why are you drawn to opshopping/thrifting?
The thrill of the hunt . Saving money and recycling.

How do you think buying preloved & second hand helps our community:
Through the work that community groups provide. Less buying new and more giving used goods a second life.

What’s been your favourite all-time second-hand purchase?
As I live in the hills , I’d have to say it’s my collection of wool jumpers .

What’s something you hope for junktion in the future?
I’d like to help run more events that bring the community together .

After Junktion, what’s your favourite second-hand shop?
I love the salvos on Goodwood road .

You win a dinner with a celebrity of your choosing – who is it and why?
I think I’d like to spend an evening with Rebel Wilson . Strong , intelligent and funny .

Don’t forget that we are currently CLOSED for school holidays and we will be back in term 3 with our regular opening hours and our COVIDSafe precautions

Wednesday to Friday 930am – 4pm & Saturday 930am – 1230pm

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