Conversation series – Katelyn

If you’ve been following for a while, you’ll have met a handful of people who make Junktion tick along on a week to week basis. It has been such a pleasure to know them a little more through our Conversation Series, and if you’ve missed any you can head back and read them by clicking here.

This month we get to chat with Katelyn, our stylist! She’s in each week to rummage through all the goodies and pull out pieces old and new, creating outfits to inspire.

Name: Katelyn Hughes
Role: stylists/volunteer
Years @ junktion: started this year in March

Tell us a little bit about what a typical week might look like within the four walls of junktion for you:
Every week on a Wednesday, I come in from 9:30-12:30 and change the mannequins outfits, take photos of them to be posted on junktions social media’s. If there are any donations I will sort through them and put the donations out on the shelves and racks.

What’s something you’ve really enjoyed experiencing in your time working @ junktion:
I haven’t been volunteering very long at junktion but the atmosphere of the place is something I really enjoy.

Why are you drawn to opshopping/thrifting?
The main thing that draws me to opshopping is being able to find unique one of a kind pieces, plus I feel less guilty about buying something from an ops hop because it’s cheaper then regular shopping.

How do you think buying preloved & second hand helps our community?
Buying preloaded clothing and/or bric-a-brac reduces the amount of landfill that we produce as well as recycle goods that would take years to break down in the environment.

What’s been your favourite all-time second-hand purchase?
I have so many it’s hard to choose one. The one I’m most proud of finding was genuine leather jacket from an opshop for $10, but my favourite would probably have to be an old denim jacket I found that fits really well.

What’s something you hope for junktion in the future?
I hope that junktion can grow more as business and expand to possibly having a second store.

After junktion, what’s your favourite second-hand shop?
My next favourite opshop would have to be Nu4U which is a church based opshop in O’Hallaran Hill and Aberfoyle Park.

You win a dinner with a celebrity of your choosing – who is it and why?
I don’t know if you classify him as a celebrity but he is a YouTuber, David Dobrik. Main reason being he seem like a laidback guy who is very comfortable with who he is, so he would be easy to talk to.

Don’t forget, we are back to our regular opening hours this term! Wednesday through Friday – 930am til 4pm and then again on Saturday from 930am til 1230pm

Looking forward to seeing you in-store soon! Happy thrifting!

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