Conversation series – Hannah

We are more than halfway through 2020 – and who hasn’t seen those funny pictures online claiming we’re in the game of Jumanji? Yep, we’ve reached it – level 9. Play on, everybody.

If you’ve been tracking with us so far, we’ve been introducing you to our volunteers each month. This September, meet Hannah who has been in and around Junktion and Access The Story since the beginning!

Name: Hannah Juanta
Role: Social media volunteer
Years @ junktion: 8!

Tell us a little bit about what a typical week might look like within the four walls of junktion for you:
Each week, I talk with Pixi about any up-coming events (sales she’s running or promotions such as Father’s Day or Christmas) and then I design and create the social media posts that go up on Instagram (@junktionats) and Facebook (I also write these blogs, so it’s a bit weird answering my own questions…!) Inside the walls of Junktion, though? I stop in for coffee every week of course!

What’s something you’ve really enjoyed experiencing in your time working @ junktion:
I love working with good friends of mine, and the Johnson’s are the best! But on top of that, I enjoy being able to see all the cool new bits and pieces that arrive in Junktion and sometimes even finding out the stories behind them.

Why are you drawn to opshopping/thrifting?
Definitely those little stories here and there – finding something out about a piece connects me to someone else in a way I never could have imagined. I’m also partial to the fact that opshopping helps to alleviate ‘fast-fashion’ and plays a part in making sure the future is still the future for my kids. And honestly, sometimes a pre-loved pair of jeans just fits better, you know?

How do you think buying preloved & second hand helps our community?
Buying second-hand encourages the use of a good budget, as pre-loved is usually cheaper, but it is also a way to make sure clothes and household items don’t just end up in landfill. Buying second-hand is also a way to meet new people who live locally, as well as those who have travelled far and wide just to hunt through the racks. It builds connection.

What’s been your favourite all-time second-hand purchase?
Oh wow…um, I do love this Barbie camper van I bought for my daughter last year! We’ve played out many an adventure with that – but there’s actually a cardigan that was my Grandmother’s that I absolutely love! I didn’t ‘purchase’ it, but it’s very well loved!

What’s something you hope for junktion in the future?
I hope that the place continues to buzz with life and possibly get to the point of being able to employ staff.

After junktion, what’s your favourite second-hand shop?
Ooo, I do enjoy rummaging at Bonza Brats (you could spend hours in there, there is so much!) and Savers is always a win because there is just loads of gear and often in heaps of sizes.

You win a dinner with a celebrity of your choosing – who is it and why?
If you know me at all, you know I love a good Sandra Bullock movie. I definitely think Sandy and I could be pals in an alternate life – but for now, perhaps just dinner with her!

Spring is officially here, which means it’s time for a clean out and a wardrobe update! We are taking donations again, and still have amazing gear for you to go through! Make sure you pop in and see us this week!

Wed – Fri || 930am – 4pm and Sat || 920am – 1230pm
72 Candy Road, Happy Valley, SA

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