It’s been 6 months

Welcome to the end of June!

Can you believe we’ve made it this far into 2020? It’s a bit of a relief and also a bit of a shock, to be honest. The year has been incredibly messy, in more ways than one – but take heart! We are halfway through!

Since summer, through autumn and now winter, we have been shifting with the changes just like the seasons do. We have gone from having regular hours and normalcy, through being takeaway only for drinks and treats, to a limited number of people indoors.

More recent weeks have allowed us the freedom and the privilege of opening up more space for people to be present at our tables for a limited time, and we are looking forward to soon being able to accept keep cups, donations and more people through our doors!

Winter has officially taken Adelaide captive, which we love when we have our hands wrapped around a precious cup of coffee. Have you been in for one recently?

While takeaway doesn’t allow us as much of an opportunity to get to know some of you, we have so appreciated your support over the last 10+ weeks! Popping in for coffee and cake and a brief browse has been the difference between us staying open and having to close.

What other opshops and cafes have you been able to support during these unprecedented times? I’m sure they are as grateful for your visits as we are.

As we look forward to the next 6 months, we wanted to list a couple of things that we are grateful for from the last —

  • Our little corner of Adelaide – the four walls that make up 72 Candy Rd
  • The opportunity to remain open through all of this
  • Winter sunshine
  • Our wonderful volunteers who are hanging in the wings just waiting to return and offer their services
  • Takeaway coffee – it might not be the same as sitting down and sharing a face to face conversation with your friend, but you can still sip and talk via zoom if you have a takeaway!
  • Provisions and guidelines provided by our local and national governments that have aided in our ability to remain open
  • Your patronage!

As things begin to settle here in South Australia, we are hopeful that this means we will be able to bring you some of the events and opportunities that we have had to postpone.

It also means that come term 3 (second semester) we will be aiming for our regular hours again! This is exciting as we have missed those of you who haven’t been able to be with us as often as you’d like.

Will we see again soon? Will you come and spend some time with us next term, sit down with a warm drink and scan our shelves for something that is new to you?

We’d love to see you.

2 thoughts on “It’s been 6 months

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    1. Hi there, we are open Thursday, Friday and Saturday of this week 930am until 1230pm, but then closed for the two week school break. Back open mid July 🙂


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