Remote Opshop Project

We want to introduce you to something new.

A little while ago, the Remote Opshop Project came across our path. Since 2016, this little project has grown in leaps and bounds with its soul purpose being “growing a network of outback Opshops with positive social outcomes for women, families and community”.

We’ve decided to participate.

As you would know by now, our partnership has always been with Young Life Access, in the Philippines. This was an outreach ministry that assisted young people to get to and from school, often arduous journeys, and receive the education they need in order to better the communities from which they come. We’ve been sending financial assistance through our sales and events here at Junktion for 8 years and have been praying for those involved along the way. We’ve even been over there, putting faces to names and stepping into those exact communities, listening to the incredible stories being written in those places.

Our partnership with YLA has come to a close now, but we don’t feel like it’s time to finish supporting something through our little opshop in Happy Valley. So we were hunting for where our resources might best be used, locally, and this project seemed to fit!

So the way it works is this (and you can read more about it on their website and social pages of course) – you choose which community or project it is that you want to support. Then, you see what items that they’re in need of, package up what you can get your hands on and then send it to the specific postage address listed for that project or community! Fairly simple when you think about it, but truly a fantastic opportunity to spread good.

It was only a couple of weeks ago that one such opportunity came up for us, and here we are! This year, NAIDOC falls on the 2nd through the 9th of July and sometimes there are huge events to coincide. One such event is a ball, being held in Halls Creek in Western Australia. The call came out for ball-appropriate attire and we thought, “we can help with that!”.

Rummaging through our shelves and hangers, we were able to gather together quite a few fun pieces fit for a ball, box them up and ship them off – men’s, women’s and children’s. To know that these items are going to a great initiative and will get to live a second life at such a fancy event, it’s quite exciting! And that’s what opshops are all about – giving homeware, clothing, shoes, books and bric-a-brac a second (or third or fourth!) life while also having positive impacts on the communities they call home.

We hope you’ll get behind us as we get behind this wonderful project, bringing communities together and bringing important goods to these places.

To find out more, you can head to Remote Opshop Project’s website, Twitter and Facebook and see what other projects they’re spear heading and ways that you could be involved, too.

In other news, we are BACK ON DECK this coming week from Wednesday May 3rd with a ‘Garage Sale’ on Saturday the 6th! Retro Kitsch are back with us again, and we will have all our usual and favourite home made treats and freshly brewed cuppas! Hope to see you soon!

72 Candy Road, Happy Valley || Wed through Fri 9:30am to 4pm & Sat 9:30am to 12:30pm

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