We’ve been busy welcoming spring in our little corner of Adelaide this month by doing something a bit extra – embracing Secondhand September! Coined by Oxfam in the UK, the challenge was initially to encourage people to put on hold their spending for 30 days – nothing new all month – in order to curb the fast fashion industry and encourage shoppers to be more aware. Oxfam have discovered that roughly 11 million items of clothing end up in big landfills daily – that’s astronomical! This campaign was designed to bring light to these numbers and consumerism.

To say it took off a couple of years ago is an understatement! Opshoppers have run with the challenge, celebrating it and encouraging others to be involved in various different ways. The biggest way is to simply put off your spending for the whole of September. Might sound easier than it actually is – 30 days can drag! But if you take it as a challenge to invest in local opshops or charity organisations instead, buying preloved, you might be surprised how much you get out of it.

We’ve had a couple of extra activities over our way, too, hoping to draw people in to the world of opshopping. Blind Date With a Book and Blind Date With a DVD (which are totally F R E E for you!); a little treasure hunt; door prizes given out; weekly $1 sales and of course, your favourite coffee and sweet treats have been buzzing.

If you’ve been around our little shop before, you’ll know that we’re passionate about reusing, recycling, upcycling, preloved goodies and paying it forward. Buying secondhand can enable people to have ownership over their belongings, and it’s also cathartic to donate. Psychology Today claims that your brain’s ‘pleasure circuits’ are actually switched on when you participate in acts of charity – fancy that!

So if you haven’t yet come over to see us in this absolutely glorious spring weather, please do! We will gladly take your clothing, household items, books and kids gear donations as well as point you the direction of cool preloved items that await…all while taking your coffee order! We have indoor and outdoor seating (please remember your masks!) and are available for takeaway, too! If you’ve got kiddos in tow, there are playgrounds across the road so you can grab a quick cuppa and head out into the sunshine with the little ones.

Come and be a part of something global and important this month (or every month if you’re anything like us!).

Wed – Fri from 930am – 4pm
Sat from 930am- 1230pm
72 Candy Road, Happy Valley

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