Conversation series – Jacinta

We’re nearing the end of the year and we’re nearing the end of our series of chats with our wonderful volunteers here at Junktion.

It’s been a wonderful opportunity to not only let you know who gives up their time in a weekly basis to help make our little corner of Adelaide tick along, but also bring you some of our community too. Who we are, why we do what we do and how you can be a part of it all too.

This month, you meet Jacinta who is another long-serving volunteer and who has been around since some of our very early days back in Sturt. She’s a dedicated merchandiser with an eye for detail and a wonderful listening ear.

Name: Jacinta
Role: Volunteer
Years @ junktion: 6 – 7.

Tell us a little bit about what a typical week might look like within the four walls of junktion for you:
I’m only there one day a week but it’s a day I look forward to every week.
I tried my hand at coffee making but unfortunately failed miserably, so now I just focus on serving food and drink where I can, sorting and organising donations and I get a kick out of the visual merchandising side of things too.

What’s something you’ve really enjoyed experiencing in your time working @ junktion:
I love serving and being a part of what Junktion is about. I love what the Johnsons do and their passion and heart for people and community, and I enjoy supporting that.

Why are you drawn to opshopping/thrifting?
I like things that tell a story, when I pick something up I usually wonder where it came from or why the person would give up my new found treasure.
I love the thrill that comes with op-shopping and the possibility of coming across something quirky, unique or practical is enjoyable to me.
I’m also drawn to it because it’s a great way of recycling. I try to donate/recycle where I can.

How do you think buying preloved & second hand helps our community?
I’ve noticed a lot of op-shops support bigger projects so I like that aspect of op-shopping. Also the reuse & recycle side of it is really attractive to me as I think it’s important to do what we can to lessen the addition to landfill.

What’s been your favourite all-time second-hand purchase?
That’s a hard question to answer, most of my furniture at home is second hand, which I love, and I have many items of clothes and funky shoes I’ve found in op-shops too. At first this really wasn’t a conscious decision or statement, but I’ve found it to be not so difficult to find all that I need around me by finding and reusing second hand items either from hand-me-downs, ops shops or roadside ‘rubbish’ finds.
I think that’s the beauty of recycling and reusing. You can usually access most things you need for your home or wardrobe when you ‘purchase’ second hand…
I’d say a few of my favourite finds are, a pair of platform shoes (op-shop) (that just so happen to go with nearly everything) an old emerald green recliner (hand-me-down), and a beautiful but small wooden bookshelf. (roadside ‘rubbish’ find.)

What’s something you hope for junktion in the future?
I hope it continues to be a welcoming warm environment for the community, as a favourable place to meet, bringing those together to support a greater project.

After Junktion, what’s your favourite second-hand shop?
Honestly, I’d dig through any op-shop. You never know what you could find.

You win a dinner with a celebrity of your choosing – who is it and why?
Maybe Keanu Reeves. I’d like to ask him how he stays so grounded and humble in his fame and maybe ask him for some tips on ‘how to be a badass’.
Then we’d have a laugh and drink some wine!

📸: The New Yorker – K Reeves (maybe contemplating his response to Jacinta’s questions…?)

Thanks for sticking with us so far this year, and remember we are back to our regular trading hours again until the end of the school term!

72 Candy Rd, Happy Valley

Wed – Fri 930am – 4pm & Sat 930am – 1230pm

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