Conversation series – Pam

By now, you have come to know almost all of our wonderful volunteers here at Junktion! We have spent 2020 introducing them to you and showcasing a little bit of what they get up to each week, how op-shopping has an impact on their personal lives and what they hope that buying second hand can do for our community.

This month, we bring you our conversation with one volunteer who has been around since the very beginning!

Name: Pam White

Role: Sorting donations – Tidying Shop – Clearing tables. Serving Drinks & Eats

Years @ junktion: 8

* Tell us a little bit about what a typical week might look like within the four walls of junktion for you: I work on Sat. Mornings mainly chatting with people, Serving, cleaning. Sorting donations putting stock on shelves etc. I help on the cooking roster providing cakes & biscuits. I get outside the four walls to do bit of gardening as well

* What’s something you’ve really enjoyed experiencing in your time working @ junktion: Providing a service to the local people – getting to know them making friendships – working as a team

* Why are you drawn to opshopping/thrifting? You often find what you are looking for. Also the element of surprise finding someone else’s treasure you can use. Nothing needs to be wasted.

* How do you think buying preloved & second hand helps our community? Saves excess landfill that can be put to good use. Money raised enables to help others need,

* What’s been your favourite all-time second-hand purchase? Haven’t got a favourite each one has it’s own character. But enjoy when I need something and I find it in an Op shop

* What’s something you hope for junktion in the future? That it will be able to continue to serve the community bring people together. Sharing God’s love with them

* After junktion, what’s your favourite second-hand shop? I love all second hand shops all have their own character serving their communities and charities

* You win a dinner with a celebrity of your choosing – who is it and why? Would love to have dinner with ‘Angel’ from ‘Escape to the Chateau’. Love the way she creates things from what they have, finds at markets and Charity Shops. Also the inspiration she gets from the previous owners decorating

Don’t forget that we are BACK again this school term for our regular trading hours – pop in and see us for a coffee and a bargain!

72 Candy Rd, Happy Valley, SA
Wed – Fri from 930am – 4pm
Sat from 930am – 1230pm

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

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