March Mayhem!


cropped-junktion-front-2.jpgIf you’re feeling like switching 2020 on and off again to see if we can get it to reset is a good idea, then you aren’t alone!

The new decade has hardly left the starting block and our nation – our entire world has faced unprecedented events. No doubt you’ve found yourself saturated in it all. Some information useful, some not.

In light of this, we wanted to take this moment with you. Theoretically grab a cuppa together, sit down at one of our tables and breathe in and out. Don’t let the social distancing keep you from just being.

It’s difficult isn’t it? Part of your mind still wanders to the situation at hand (no pun intended!) and you find that it’s a tough task to see beyond the end of the week.

You know what though? Situations like these actually give us an incredible opportunity to be in community with one another. Yes, physical contact is frowned upon and gatherings make us feel more uncomfortable than they used to, but it’s these sorts of global phenomena that can truly draw us together.


We are all about community here at Junktion! We love being a small corner of Adelaide that provides space for people to meet and catch up, as well as a place that houses quality preloved bargains. We want to be known as an opshop with a different purpose – drawing people in, hearing their stories and loving on them before they leave.

In times like what we’re experiencing, this is what we need. We need to love on people in new and unique ways. We need to let those around us – our neighbours, our shop attendants, our posties – know that we still see them and that we are still ok. We are in this together.

Maybe the family across the street need some activities for their kids that are probably going to be home from school. Maybe the little old lady in the room across from your Grandmother in the aged care facility hasn’t got enough books to read. It doesn’t matter what it might be – there is a way for us as a community to continue to be community!

Head to your local opshop and grab up a few kids board games, out door activity sets or craft supplies. Rummage through the preloved books and select a few different titles and genres. Then simply drop them off. You don’t even have to let them open the door to you!

There are so many ways that we can reach out to others during times like these…but don’t leave it there! Why does it have to be in times of crisis that we look out for each other? That we get to know those who live on our street or attend our schools?

Someday soon, we hope that you’ll invite your neighbour to our little corner of Adelaide, sit down at one of our tables and get to know their story over a cuppa. That you’ll come and continue to share in community with us.

And don’t worry, we’ll wipe down the table really well and brew up the coffee really strong! 😉



please note –> We will be open with our usual hours this week unless otherwise advised. We will have extra table, chair, door handles sanitation and lots of hand washing! If you do pop in, consider tapping with your card as it is the cleanest way to pay but we are still doing cash sales.

We will post on our social pages if our situation changes.


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