Secondhand September

Secondhand September

“Since 2019, Second Hand September has inspired thousands of people to shop in a way that is kinder to people and planet…join the movement today, and take the sustainable style challenge with the amazing feel-good factor.” Oxfam UK

There are SO many ways you can still participate in #secondhandseptember even though October is around the corner! Harpers Bazaar list a handful of easy-to-achieve ideas that can last BEYOND this month, too! Maybe shopping preloved has sparked a new interested in up cycling for you, or you’ve discovered how much nicer something that is bought secondhand feels when you wear it or use it. Perfect! Embrace that! Shop secondhand again, don’t wait for next September to keep making a difference in our world…and your closet!

1 – Seek out vintage. Actively look for things that are vintage in nature, from specific eras or collections, that will add value and taste to your own closet.

2 – Rent out your own clothing. Yep, sounds a bit odd, but it can be a great way to make some extra dough as well help others avoid the fast fashion industry. Maybe you only wore that leather jacket once, but it’s in good condition and it’s too valuable to get rid of – rent it! (See below for renting sites)

3 – Check out sustainable brands. This isn’t a preloved option per se, but it does support local and independent business in a similar way, and avoids the fast fashion circles again.

4 – Take care of what you have. Learn to see – learn how to wash different materials properly – learn how to store garments you aren’t using. Protect what you have so it lasts a lot longer.

5 – Make the most of what you already own. Yep, you can repeat outfits. No law says you can’t! Swap with a friend or a relative. Box things up for hand-me-downs or costumes.

So pop in and see us this September, and make some changes to how you think and shop secondhand. Really, you’re only limited by your own imagination!

Wed – Fri • 930am – 4pm & Sat • 930 – 1230pm (O P E N for the Queen’s Memorial public holiday, too) @ 72 Candy Rd, Happy Valley, SA.

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