Reusing can be simple

When you think about repurposing, recycling and reusing – what comes to mind?

It’s something we often ponder over in our little corner of adelaide – what new life could this object have?

When you’re trawling opshops for treasures, clothing or books, do you stop and assess what something is or do you stop and consider what it could be?

Teapots and teacups make great succulent planters, while the pages of an old book might look awesome as the backdrop for a photo booth.

Retro coloured t-shirts can be torn into strips and plaited together to form woven bath mats and old bed spreads easily transform into cubby houses or cute pinafores.

Kids picture books look amazing as hanging mobiles and crystal vases make utensil holding just a little more snazzy.

Fruit bowl? Key dish? Light fixture?

The opportunities for repurposing and reinvention are literally endless! How exciting to be a part of something’s new life like that!

So next time you’re out thrifting, spend a little extra time considering what might be found as well as what’s right in front of you.

Open Wed – Fri • 930am 4pm & Sat 930am – 1230pm @ 72 Candy Rd, Happy Valley

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