Happy month of love

Can you even believe it’s February again? Doesn’t it just feel like yesterday that we were ringing in the New Year and praying that it was a vast improvement on whatever 2020 was?

Schools have started back. Shops have reopened. Summer is (usually) in full swing right about now and although supermarkets have put their Christmas gear away, Easter things are starting to appear.

But we shouldn’t forget one specific calendar date in February – the 14th. Whether you’re a love-buff who buys the chocolates and the cards and the stuffed teddies all while booking a romantic dinner, or you prefer to put that day down to simply just another day in the week, leaving all that Hallmark business to the others, you can’t deny that people get a little more ‘lovey dovey’ around February.

Even if celebrating the day on which a romantic guy called Valentine met his demise (yep, lovely we know) isn’t your jam, you don’t need an excuse to turn the love dial up a notch or two.

Beginning a new year isn’t always easy for everyone. Sometimes, it’s hard to leave what has been in the past and step into something fresh and yet unknown – February could be just the time that this person is looking for a little extra love and encouragment.

Perhaps you have a 5 year old who has only recently started school and they’re feeling a bit overwhelmed with the new routines, faces and rules. Something done specially for them at the middle point in February could be a really great opportunity for reconnection and to let them know you’re there for them.

Maybe someone you know celebrates a birthday this month, but because it’s so close to the new year and mixed with all the things that are beginning back up, their special day gets a little lost in the thick of life. Sending extra love and making sure they know how important they are could be the difference between the day sliding on past versus it becoming a really positive memory.

Whatever you’re thinking is around this time of February, remember that you don’t have to dress in red and hire a big fat guy in a nappy to dress as cupid. There are plenty of ways to celebrate love.

You can even pop in to us, bring your someone special – Mum, Dad, Grandma, that neighbour who lives alone – and enjoy a cuppa from our new coffee machine with a home made treat. You could browse our shelves together, sit outside in our cute little alfresco areas and catch up on life. Taking a breather moment in our little corner of Adelaide might just be that special (or romantic, whatever you like!) moment that someone in your life needs this month.

Don’t forget – February 14th is just a date and people need love all the time, but you can use this calendar date as an excuse to start dishing it out!

72 Candy Road, Happy Valley, SA
Wed – Fri from 920am – 4pm & Sat from 930am – 1230pm

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