What are you THANKFUL for?

Our little corner

Have you been to our little corner of Adelaide yet? If you have, you’ll understand why we’re so thankful for the space that we have been given here in Happy Valley. So thankful in fact, we held a #thanksgivingfair just recently in November. Check out some of the little snapshots below.

Saturday November 23rd was a beautiful spring day, complete with the smell of sausages on the barbie, freshly brewed coffee in takeaway jars and locals hanging out in the sunshine. We were lucky enough to partner with a couple of others – Unburied Treasures and Retro Kitsch as well as a local mother and daughter duo – to offer our community a great selection of preloved and vintage bargains too!


The day was more than that though – it was a day that we set aside to be purposefully thankful for the four walls we call Junktion. For the volunteers who give up their time each week to sort stock and serve slices of cake. For the opportunity to be something a little different in our community and for the space to create something a little different for the young people of Adelaide through Access The Story.


One of the special things that came out of our fair in November was the #thanksgivingtree – how cute is it?

thanksgiving tree

What do you love about where you live?

Funnily enough, this little baby was donated to the shop right before our big event – what timing! It fitted what we wanted to achieve so well – a chance to picture where you are in the suburbs of Adelaide and pause for a moment to consider what it is that you love about where you live…then write it down. Doing something tangible like that can really help you pause and focus on your task at hand.

How often do we do that? Never, closely followed by hardly ever! But we should! We should take a beat and think about why we love where we live. Is it how close you are to your local shops? How many awesome parks are nearby? Can you smell the sea salt on the morning breeze? Maybe it’s your neighbours because they’re just plain awesome! If you really think about it, there’ll be something.


Here’s what a couple of the leaves attached to the tree read:

“I love where I live because there is so much bush.”
“I love where I live because it’s so close to the ocean.”
“I love where I live because our family is here.”
“So grateful to live in this beautiful suburb (Brighton) – it’s nearby Junktion which is the friendliest and best opshop in SA!”

Aw, you’re making us blush!

love where you live

What we love about our community

And that’s what we wanted to learn from our community – what is it that they love about where they live. If you ask us what we love about being on the corner of Candy Road it’s the incredible kangaroos that are often dotted along the hill and the wonderful bird-life in our huge trees and how many different activities there are in our local spaces. Activities that showcase how alive our little corner of Adelaide is – the cricket club, the tennis club, the BMX track; the various fitness gatherings in the park, the dog obedience school, and the awesome playgrounds. Check out some of the links below and how you might like to be involved or find out more.

Dog Obedience
Cricket Club
Tennis Club

As we head towards wrapping up another wonderful year here at Junktion, we just wanted to take this moment to add one more thing we are thankful for – YOU. Our customers, our volunteers, our community. Without each of you, we wouldn’t be where we are!

So, keep thankfulness in your heart this season and have a blessed Christmas!


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