junktion church

Junktion Church is a group of people exploring what it means to follow Jesus. We are committed to the mission of Junktion, and to one another.

We don’t “go to” church, “meet for” church or “do” church. We ARE church — people planted around the activity of Junktion.

We’ve been gathering on Sundays since the beginning of February 2021, and have decided to commit to another two months of ‘being church simply’ from March 21 — then after that we’ll work out our next steps from there!

Our upcoming project is Junktion’s mini-fair on Easter Saturday (3rd of April).

We also gather regularly for story-telling, intentional conversation, and prayer. This happens three Sundays out of four at 5pm.

If you’re keen to know more, chat to someone you know who’s already involved, or email us telling us you’d like to know more about Junktion Church 🙂

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